Decorative Arts Society (DARTS) is a membership group of community-minded women and men who support the organization by participating in an annual speaker series presented by nationally and internationally known experts in the field of the decorative arts including interior design, architecture, landscape design and other design specialties.   We offer 5 lectures a year where our honorary speakers provide our members with a spectacular glimpse into their decorative passion and professional accomplishments.  Whether it be home design, garden design or expertise in a particular area of the historic arts, our members are always enlightened by a unique glimpse into our speakers’ experience and knowledge surrounded by friends and acquaintances with the same interest.  

DARTS was founded by a small group of enthusiastic and passionate women over 25 years ago.  Under the leadership of Mary Anna Jeppe, the group was formed not only as an opportunity to fuel their passion for education in the Decorative Arts – but also as a means of supporting non-profits in Orange County dedicated to women, families and children.   

Through this series, our members expand their knowledge of the decorative arts and their subscriptions and donations to DARTS helps those in need.  Since its inception, DARTS has given back over $3 million dollars to several OC Non-Profits in need. 

We call it Passion with a Purpose.

Board of Directors 2020 -2021

Laraine Eggleston, President

Sandra Ayres
Hyla Bertea
Cathi Bledsoe
Dianne Cannon
Angela Cord
Ann Dennis
Elana Donovan
Kim Donahue 
Carolyn Garrett
Adrienne Garrison
Barbara Glabman
Marlene Hamontree
Madeline Hayward
Sharon Henwood
Pam Howard
Mary Anna Jeppe
Maureen Madigan
Bonnie McClellan
Marion Palley
Shelby Rigg
Carole Steele
Diana Tomei