Decorative Arts Society (DARTS) is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit membership group committed to improving the lives of women and children in Orange County. Through their annual Grants giving program, DARTS invests in organizations and programs that help and empower women and their families to achieve their potential as responsible contributing members of our community. Click here for a list of the 2023-2024 DARTS Grant Recipients. 

Our members appreciate design and decoration, and are interested in learning about current trends as well as historic perspective. For its membership and guests, DARTS sponsors an annual speaker series on the decorative arts featuring experts in the fields of interior design, architecture, landscape design and other decorative arts.

Since its inception, Decorative Arts Society has distributed close to $4 million dollars in Grants and Gifts to Orange County non-profit organizations. 

Each year proposals are received from nonprofit organizations seeking funds for programs that promote our mission. The organizations must be a non-profit organization, with an emphasis on helping women, children and families. They must also serve local communities in Orange County. Funds are available through this annual grant application process. Organizations may apply for funds for a specific project or a general grant, but definitive goals and anticipated outcomes are essential.

These proposals are evaluated on multiple parameters, including:

• Definition of specific purpose
• Relevancy to our core mission
• Thoroughness of operational planning
• Clarity of anticipated outcomes
• Fiscal transparency
• Governance
• Leadership
• Impact

DARTS grants generally range from $5,000 to $25,000. Decorative Arts Society does not provide support for funding operating budgets, capital campaigns or individuals. Grants are applied for and funded on a yearly basis.
Recipients can be funded up to 3 consecutive years, then must take a year cycle break before applying again. 

Unfortunately, funding is limited, and we regret being unable to fund all of the many worthy proposals we receive. 

The Grant Application is posted on the website each year on December 1st and is due no later than February 15, at which time the application window closes.

Recipients are announced in May and grants are distributed in June. 

For additional information, please contact:
Edie Denning, Grants Committee Chair